About Kristal

I grew up in Massachusetts, spending most of my time at my Italian grandparents’ home on Cape Cod, where I learned to cook standing on a stepstool. Nonna’s famous sauce didn’t start in the kitchen, but with Papa and me gathering fresh herbs and tomatoes from Nonna’s garden. Some of my best childhood memories are of experimenting in the kitchen, where I learned the value of using fresh, natural ingredients as well as how to create my very own recipes.

When I became an esthetician in 2011, I fell in love with skincare and how certain ingredients combined with the proper regimen can completely transform a person’s skin and give them the confidence they so desperately need and deserve. 

Always wary of questionable ingredients in skincare products, it was when I was pregnant with my son in 2015 that I became passionate about using natural products.  When I started collecting the essentials to experiment with making my own creations, it was like going back to Nonna’s garden, and I have no doubt she guided my every step along the way, the way she always did in the kitchen.

I truly feel like my whole life has led to this point where I can create healthy, nourishing skin products that you’ll love using every day!


Kristal's Story


When I decided to start this company, I knew one thing for sure: That I was going to share how I got here. Like you, I have stood on the highest mountains and had to crawl out of the lowest valleys.  It is my intent to help you look and feel your most beautiful and strong, inside and out, and to let you know you are not alone.

I was in my early twenties in 2006, broken up Wesley, who I was still very much in love with. It seemed that the heartbreak was at an end when we enjoyed a magical evening together at my best friend’s wedding, dancing, laughing, and very much a couple.

But it wasn’t meant to be.

With lost control of our car in a horrible snowstorm on the way home that evening, the dream died. I woke up in the hospital with tubes down my throat and my body completely shattered. Scared, confused, and frantically looking around for Wesley, the doctors and nurses broke the news to me that he was gone. We were on the dance floor one minute and he was gone the next. I never got to say goodbye to the person I had a crush on since we were children playing across the street from each other, the person who knew my potential long before I did, and the person who would’ve done anything for me, had I simply asked.   

It took several months for my body to mend and I live every day with a part of my heart that will never heal.

But I climbed out of that valley, found love again, never anticipating the next trial I would face.

It was after my son was born.

As mentioned, I started experimenting with making my own skincare products when I was pregnant because I realized how many questionable chemicals are in even the simplest of products. As an esthetician, I had always been curious about ingredients, but as a pregnant mom I was becoming cautious and investigative. I became alarmed at the toxic ingredients in the products I was putting on my body—and therefore subjecting my baby to.

I had come very close to creating a healthy, natural version of a product I loved right around the time my precious baby boy was born and my life was turned upside down.

Not only was I a new mom with an infant to care for, my family was eight hundred miles away. Under the best of circumstances, that is a huge slice of stress, but I was also suffering with severe postpartum anxiety—something I didn’t even know existed.

Every second of every day, I was petrified to my core that something horrible was going to happen to my baby. The simplest tasks such as giving him a bath or taking him for a walk alone were so terrifying that I felt completely debilitated. Allowing others to hold my son brought on anxiety attacks that I tried hard to hide; I even pushed my own husband away.

 I cried constantly, was so afraid and felt totally alone and isolated. I knew other women had postpartum issues, but I felt mine had to be worse, and that no one could possibly understand.

As I am sure you have, there are other times in my life when I have felt unrelatable and scared.

I wanted to share so that you know, without a doubt, you are not alone—whether you are struggling with a great and profound loss or the day-to-day stress and struggles that life brings.

​No matter what the case may be, my wish for you is to feel comforted knowing the person who made these products had you in mind. When you use Daily Comfort by Kristal, you can be sure that you’re not only using a great product made with ingredients found in nature, but the entire line was created with love for you.

My wish for you is that the smell of lavender will bring you tranquility, the feel of cocoa butter will bring your comfort, a spritz of rose will make feel loved, and you will savor the many healing properties of the calendula flower.

You are not alone, my friend.



I know I can accomplish absolutely nothing without the grace of God who led my every step here. 

Thank you to Wesley, who knew my potential long before I did. I hope I've made you smile down on me. 

Thank you to my husband, Nick, who expected greatness from me. You're never surprised at any success of mine and you're my very best friend.

This company is dedicated to my 3 babies. Everything I do is for you.