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About Kristal

I grew up in Massachusetts, spending most of my time at my Nonna and Papa's house on Cape Cod where I learned to cook before I could even see over the counter. Nonna’s famous sauce started in the garden collecting fresh tomatoes and herbs like basil and parsley. Some of my best childhood memories are of experimenting in the kitchen, where I learned the value of using fresh, natural ingredients as well as how to create my very own recipes.

When I became an esthetician in 2011, I fell in love with skincare and how certain ingredients combined with the proper regimen can completely transform a person’s skin and give them the confidence they deserve. 

Always wary of questionable ingredients in skincare products, it was when I was pregnant with my son in 2015 that I became passionate about using natural products.  When I started collecting the essentials to experiment with making my own creations, it was like going back to Nonna’s garden, and I have no doubt she guided my every step along the way.

I truly feel like my whole life has led to this point where I can create healthy, nourishing skin products that you’ll love using every day!

Kristal's Story

Let's face it, there's a million natural and organic skincare lines out there, so what makes Daily Comfort by Kristal different?  

Let's start with how all of this got started in the first place.

In 2006, I was in a horrific car accident resulting in the loss of someone I loved and found myself in a drug-induced coma. My leg was badly mangled, almost amputated and liver lacerated. I carried that trauma for a long time. 10 years later, I gave birth to my first child and found myself suffering from postpartum depression and anxiety. I was petrified each and every day, just waiting for something horrible to happen to my new baby. It was debilitating.

It wasn't until I finally started spending quiet time in nature that I found the comfort I had been searching for. Mother Nature invited me in and showed me that I wasn't alone or confined to the walls inside my home. With my new baby strapped to my chest, I started getting outside in my backyard, watching as a caterpillar slowly walked across a leaf. I'd gaze at a bird as she landed on a branch near us and listened as she sang her song. A butterfly would fly by and I'd thank it for showing me that beauty existed all around me. 

Now let's jump to 2019. I have 2 babies under 3 and I have my own Esthetics business. After a lot of research and discovering just how many toxic ingredients are found in so many of the skincare products I had been using, I began searching for a hand-made, organic skincare line at some local farmers markets and quickly realized that none truly existed. I'd find a balm here, or a mist there, but not a true skincare system created by someone with a background in skincare, so I decided to take a course on how to formulate, develop, and create my own line. And that's exactly what I did. 

Using my background in Esthetics and my continuing education in organic skincare formulation, I knew I could make a quality skincare system but I wanted to make it different, and that's when I combined my love for skincare, natural ingredients and creating my own recipes. Over the course of the next two years, I would create, develop, formulate and hand-make a 4-step skincare system known as Daily Comfort by Kristal.

I use Mother Nature's gifts such as Lavender to calm you, Aloe to heal you, Cocoa Butter to calm you, and Rose so you feel loved to not only nourish the skin but comfort the soul as well. 

It is my mission and my deepest hope that every time you use Daily Comfort by Kristal products, you use them as a self-love ritual and not a routine. Let the ingredients in these products remind you that you are beautiful, important, and loved. 

I developed the Daily Comfort Workshop, a self-love ritual utilizing Daily Comfort by Kristal products, which I teach in-person locally, but have made virtual FOR YOU to get the most out of your products. Click below to watch the trailer! Enjoy!

Mother Nature was my greatest healer, so I knew that I needed to incorporate her beautiful ingredients in my products to help heal others. 


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