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Daily Comfort Workshop

Join me, a licensed esthetician, on a step-by-step journey through The Daily Comfort Workshop, a guided self-love ritual. Using my handmade organic skincare line, we'll engage our senses and learn to accept each ingredient, finding comfort, calm, and self-love along the way.

What does self-care mean to you?

We know how to exercise, drink enough water and watch what we eat but what about comfort? This workshop reminds you to accept that you are a powerful, important being here for a purpose. 

self-care, self-love workshop

It's all about the ingredients

These products were formulated and designed using carefully chosen ingredients to not only nourish your skin but to comfort your soul. This workshop takes you through each ingredient in a mindful, meditative way to teach you how to use them at home as a ritual, not a routine. 

self-care, self-love workshop

Safe space

Self-love can sometimes be an emotional experience. I create a safe space as we let go of that which does not serve us and allow our light to shine it's brightest. 

self-care, self-love workshop
No upcoming events at the moment
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