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Amaranth Seed and Rosehip Facial Serum

Amaranth Seed and Rosehip Facial Serum

This rich oil serum is decadent and absolutely lovely. Amaranth seed extract is soothing and calming for dry, irritated,  and even cracked skin, making it perfect for maturing skin. Rosehip oil has a wealth of fatty acids, making it the perfect choice for dry skin and Olive Squalane helps retain moisture. .9 oz.

  • Directions

    Massage 3-5 drops evenly over face and neck twice per day after toning. We recommend leaving the skin feeling sticky and immediately following up with Lavender and Cocoa Daily Moisturizer

  • Ingredients

    Olive squalane, jojoba oil, rosehip oil, amaranth seed extract, vitamin e

  • Ingredients explained


    Olive Squalane is derived from olive oil but is much lighter, more silky and smooth. It helps boost the skin's moisture and elasticity and helps accelerate new skin growth. It is sometimes called a facelift in a bottle!


    Jojoba oil is balancing, softening and soothing. It is a very light and easily absorbed. Jojoba oil helps balance sebum production making it a great choice for both oily and dry skin types.


    Rosehip oil is regenerating, rejuvenating and healing. It is the only vegetable oil to contain Ttretinoin (a form of Vitamin A) which helps repair damaged skin, acne, and reduce wrinkles and scars. A phenomenal anti-aging oil.


    Amaranth seed extract is an oil extracted from the seed of the Amaranth plant. This oil improves skin elasticity and reduce the appearance of wrinkles. It is very calming and helps sooth dry, irritated and chapped skin.


    Did you know that any product containing oils needs an antioxidant to prevent oxidation? This means a product goes rancid. I choose Vitamin E as an antioxidant because it has nourishing properties and will help protect your skin from damage caused by free radicals.

  • Why use serum?

    Serums are used underneath your moisturizer to boost hydration. I tell my clients to think of serum as the glue that holds everything together. Serums create a waterproof layer, slows down water loss, and keeps the skin hydrated much longer.


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