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Sensitive Formula Daily Moisturizer

Sensitive Formula Daily Moisturizer

This luxurious daily moisturizer is specially formulated for sensitive skin. Using raw, organic cocoa butter, organic coconut oil, and ultra-hydrating tamarind seed extract, this product is perfectly rich without feeling greasy! Hand-made without essential oils, this moisturizer will completely restore the nourishment of your skin without any irritation. Sensitive Formula Daily Moisturizer is for anyone with sensitivities such as seasonal allergies, eczema, and acne. 

  • Directions


    Apply evenly over entire face twice daily following cleansing, toning and serum application. We recommend using Daily Comfort by Kristal cream cleanser, toning mist, and facial serum. 

  • Ingredients

    Distilled water, xyliance (emulsifier), organic cocoa butter, avocado oil, organic coconut oil, calendula extract, tamarind seed extract, vegetable glycerin, beeswax, vitamin e, optiphen plus (preservative).

  • Ingredients Explained


    Did you know that water is actually the ingredient that hydrates your skin more than anything else? Oils have many different essential qualities and will seal in the moisture, but it is water that is needed to hydrate the skin.


    Did you know that any lotion or cream is a blend of oil and water called an emulsion? In order for oil and water to come together without separating, we need to add an emulsifier, which blend the oil phase and water phase together. Xyliance is an emulsifying wax made of 100% plant origin where the sugar is derived from wheat straw and the fatty alcohols are derived from rapeseed and palm.


    Cocoa Butter is a very hard, saturated fat pressed from cocoa beans. It creates a protective layer on the skin, lubricates and holds in moisture better than anything else I have worked with. It contains antioxidants which fight free radicals keeping the skin looking younger. Cocoa butter is very rich, making it a great choice for dry, dehydrated skin. I choose only unrefined butters, keeping them true to nature so you will smell the delicious cocoa aroma.


    Avocado oil is cold pressed and obtained from the fruit of the avocado. It is rich in vitamins and nutrients, is very nourishing, long lasting, and easily absorbed into the skin. It has anti-wrinkle and softening properties and prevents water loss.


    Cold pressed coconut oil is soothing, softening, and smells heavenly! The fatty acids in coconut oil have shown to posses antibacterial, antiviral and antifungal properties as well as antioxidants which help to fight free radicals, keeping the skin youthful.


    Calendula oil is extracted from the Marigold flower, which has been used for centuries for its many healing properties including the treatment of burns, eczema, rashes, and other wounds.


    Tamarind seed extract is a beautifully thick, luxurious liquid that significantly improves skin elasticity, smoothness and hydration. It is very similar to hyaluronic acid for its ultra hydrating, anti-aging qualities but Tamarind Seed Extract is obtained from the extraction of liquid from the seed of the fruit of the Tamarind tree, while hyaluronic acid is created synthetically.


    Glycerin is a humectant, which means it attracts water to the skin and binds it there. I choose glycerin that is vegetable derived.


    Did you know that any product containing oils needs an antioxidant to prevent oxidation? This means the product will go rancid. I choose Vitamin E as an antioxidant because it has nourishing properties and will help protect you kin from damage caused by free radicals.


    Did you know that any product containing water needs a preservative? Otherwise you are left with a product contaminated with mold, yeast and bacteria (even if you can't see it)! I choose the most natural and decadent ingredients to nourish your skin. Those precious ingredients need to be properly preserved to work their absolute best. Optiphen Plus is a globally approved preservative and is Formaldehyde-free, Paraben-free, Halogen-free and Non-Isothiazolinone.

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