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Tamarind Seed and Rose Toning Mist

Tamarind Seed and Rose Toning Mist

This toning mist was created to hydrate even the driest of skin. Tamarind Seed Extract improves skin elasticity, hydrates, and smoothes fine lines and wrinkles. Rose hydrosol helps balance oil production, making it wonderful for all skin types,  Avena Oat Extract is calming and nourishing. 3.8 oz.

  • Directions

    After cleansing and towel dry, spritz mist evenly over skin to dampen but not saturate (you can also remove the cap, pour a quarter size amount onto a cotton round and use to wipe away any excess dirt and oil after cleansing for a true toning experience).  Immediately follow with serum and moisturizer application. We recommend Daily Comfort by Kristal facial serum and daily moisturizer.

  • Ingredients

    Rose hydrosol, distilled water, avena oat extract, vegetable glycerin, tamarind seed extract, aloe vera liquid gel, optiphen plus (preservative)

  • Ingredients explained


    Hydrosols (or Distillates) are the natural "plant waters" or "floral waters" that are produced during steam distillation or hydro-distillation. To be classified as a distillate or as a hydrosol, these "plant waters" MUST be distilled from botanical material. The benefits of roses for the skin are endless. I choose Rose Hydrosol because it helps balance sebum production making it a great choice for all skin types and it has a gentle, beautiful aroma.


    Did you know that water is actually the ingredient that hydrates your skin more than anything else? Oils have many different essential qualities and will seal in the moisture, but it is water that is needed to hydrate the skin.


    Avena oat extract is obtained from the entire oatstraw herb. It is known to have anti-infammatory and anti-irritant properties. Avena oat extract is very smoothing, soothing and moisturizing for the skin.


    Glycerin is a humectant, which means it attracts water to the skin and binds it there. I choose glycerin that is vegetable derived.


    Tamarind seed extract is a beautifully thick, luxurious liquid that significantly improves skin elasticity, smoothness and hydration. It is very similar to hyaluronic acid for its ultra hydrating, anti-aging qualities, but Tamarind Seed Extract is obtained from the extraction of liquid from the seed of the fruit of the Tamarind tree, while hyaluronic acid is created synthetically.


    The aloe plant has such a long list of healing properties from treating burns, cuts, wounds, and other inflammation. I use aloe in my skincare products for its softening and soothing benefits. It is truly a no-brainer for me.


    Did you know that any product containing water needs a preservative? Otherwise you are left with a product contaminated with mold, yeast and bacteria (even if you can't see it)! I choose the most natural and decadent ingredients to nourish your skin. Those precious ingredients need to be properly preserved to work their absolute best. Optiphen Plus is a globally approved preservative and is Formaldehyde-free, Paraben-free, Halogen-free and Non-Isothiazolinone.

  • Why use a toner?

    Toners are used to remove the last bit of dirt and oil after cleansing and help prep the skin for the next step in your regimen. Spritzers and mists are refreshing, hydrating, and help absorb the oils in your serum and moisturizers. Having a toning mist is ideal because you can use them as both a toner and refreshing spritz.


Price Options
One-time purchase
Mist subscribe 1
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$26.40every month until canceled
Mist subscribe 2
Subscribe and save 15%
$28.05every 2 months until canceled
Mist subscribe 3
Subscribe and save 10%
$29.70every 3 months until canceled
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